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Here you can find info, images and videos of our apps if you wish to talk about them in your media outlet, blog or social media channels. If you miss anything or have any questions, send us a message and we’ll contact you directly.


About the apps

Money In and Money Out iPhone bookkeeping apps launched in 2016 in English in the App Store. Now they are also available in Spanish. We’ve written an article on our experience translating our English-first apps to different languages. As indie developers with very limited resources, we've managed to implement a localisation strategy that let us offer our iPhone apps in international App Stores without depreciating the user experience for other regional audiences.

Who are the apps for?

Money In and Money Out apps are for freelancers, self-employed people and small business.

What do the apps do?

They let you handle your business incomes and expenses on the go, from your iPhone. 

1. Quickly register transactions as they happen

2. Store privately and safely your incomes and expenses reports, with their receipts, in iCloud

3. Export and share your reports in an accountant-friendly format compatible with any spreadsheet or accountancy software

4. You don’t need to pay for a bookkeeping service when it’s this easy to handle the job yourself. No subscription required, just a small up-front price for the apps (£1.99 each, £2.99 in a bundle).

Why use them?

With the apps you can save time, money and hassle handling the bookkeeping of your business incomes and expenses. Don’t be intimidated by the task, the apps are jargon-free and speak plain English. They are designed and build by independent workers like you, we understand the pain.

Superfast input: the apps learn from your usage and proactively suggest auto-fills so you can log your transactions in a few taps. This helps you log everything on the go, from your iPhone.

Auto-currency conversion: Whether you work abroad, deal with foreign clients, or need to import supplies, currency conversion can become a nightmare, especially if you have a lot of of transactions. In our apps, all your transactions are automatically converted and displayed in your businesses primary currency, and the exchange rate is saved with life data.

Repeating transactions: Any income or expense can be made to repeat, which is a big time saver. They allow you to set and forget for all of those transactions which occur frequently, automatically adding past and future transactions for you... until you tell them to stop.

Payment reminders: You get notified when payments are overdue, helping you to track unpaid incomes.

Assisted submission: Helpful app reminders make sure you submit your reports to your accountant in time, therefore avoiding post-deadline fees. Submit directly from the notification, even from the Lock screen, in as little as two taps... done.

Accountant-friendly: Thanks to the feedback provided to us by real accountants, the spreadsheet the apps send to your accountant looks like their bookkeeper just had finished tidying up your mess. Your reports are sent in CSV format, so your accountant can open them in which ever software they are using. This could save you up to 30% off your bill for your account.

Secure archive in iCloud Drive: An archive of your incomes and expenses are organised and stored in your iCloud Drive. Accessible from the web and from all your iOS and Mac devices... even if you stop using the app. Cloud access to image links of your invoices and receipts helps your accountant validate your expenses... and they will be crucial if you ever get a tax inspection! Your data is stored securely on your iPhone and your iCloud Drive, protected by Apple's FBI-proof 256-bit AES encryption... Not even we can access it.

Data portability: No data lock-in or proprietary formats. Move data in and out of the app, to or from other apps using extensibility. Back-up to any document provider on your iPhone, like Dropbox or Google Drive. The apps save your data into a CSV format, which is compatible with any spreadsheet, text or accountancy software. 

Accesible and inclusive: People with different access needs can use our apps in a similar amount of time and effort as others. The apps support Dynamic Type and VoiceOver for visually impaired users, and they've been tested with colour blind and dyslexic independent workers.

QuickLinks & widgets: They allow you to access to a summary of your current financial period. Quick links allow you to log transactions or submit your report to your accountant, directly from your Lock screen, Home screen, Spotlight or Notification Center without the need to open the app.


Money In screenshots

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🇦🇺  English (Australia)


🇪🇸  Spanish (Spain)

🇲🇽  Spanish (Mexico)



Money Out screenshots

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🇺🇸  English (U.S.)

🇨🇦  English (Canada)

🇦🇺  English (Australia)

🇪🇸  Spanish (Spain)

🇲🇽  Spanish (Mexico)


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