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We are working hard to make sure the apps are stable and bug-free, but oh technology... If you are having problems, hopefully our FAQs will solve them. If that doesn't do it, then it's probably a bug and we probably know about it, see known bugs board. However, if something else is happening, send us an message.



Is my data safe?

Yes. It's encrypted with Apple's FBI-proof 256-bit AES encryption on your iPhone and your iCloud Drive... Not even we can access it. See our Privacy policy for more information.

Can anyone see my use of auto-suggestions and predictions?

No. All of our proactive technology is done securely on your device, none of your usage data is processed in the cloud. However, if you use iCloud and have it enabled for Money In and Money Out, then all your data is securely backed-up to your iCloud.

Do the apps work offline?

Yes, but Internet is required for getting latest exchange rates; syncing and backing up to iCloud; submitting and sharing reports... Otherwise, everything will work as expected.

I'm not using iCloud, does this matter?

Kinda... Money In and Money Out are designed to work with iCloud, so many aspects of the experiences will be affected without it. Such as no automatic report archive; no backup other than iOS restore and proof images can't be shared.

Why is it taking a long time to export? 

This is most likely due to limited internet connection, and many transactions with proof images that need to be saved to iCloud to create the share links in the period you are trying to export. Assuming Background App Refresh is turned on and you have a good internet connection, then exporting and submitting should be almost instant, because the app did already.

When will you translate the apps to other languages? 

Hopefully soon. Translating to more languages is definitely something we want to do, however, this is not a quick & dirty Google Translate job. We hope to support Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and French in simple plain language first and more to follow. The more people who download Money In and Money Out, the more time we can afford to invest in them. 

If Money In and Money Out are not in you language yet and you want to help make it happen, get in contact and we'll get you involved!

When will a particular currency which is unsported, be supported? 

Hopefully soon. Supporting more currencies is definitely something we want to add, however, will involve paying for an expensive currency api subscription. The more people who buy Money In and Money Out, the more money we can afford to invest in them. 

Why is my Widget or Timeline not showing the current period summary? 

This is likely due to your expense period and submission details not being setup yet. You can do this in Account settings, in the apps.

If you want to use the Widget on the Lock screen or Notification Center, but it's not there, you can add it easily by:

  1. Tap the 'Edit' button at the bottom of Lock screen or Notification Center, and selecting Money In and Out from the list
  2. If your iPhone is running iOS 10 and has 3D Touch, then also on the app icon on the Homescreen: tap the 'Add Widget' button on the Widget next to the quick links.